Wednesday, September 03, 2014

London bridge is not falling down

Even though how much I've missed home, but the fact that I'm leaving still saddens me a lot. I like UK alot, like really a lot, I feel like the people here are so stress free. Basically everything here made me go "awww" all the time, especially the weather here. The children here are so cute, rosey cheeks. And I can always witness love, old couples walking hand in hand still in love like they were still young. There are so many historic places and the histories are so amazing.

I wish one day I'll be able to work in London, so that I can enjoy all of these all over again, to witness and capture all these beautiful scenes. I know it's hard, but I will do whatever I can to get to work in London, the city where all the fairy tales can happen, eg. royal weddings. Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillips, Duke of Edinburgh. All these royals love story, it's like a fairy tale. Well, back to topic, London, I will see you in 5 years time. I promise.

London, see you in October 2014 and in 2020. night

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Unknown said...

Sometimes I need to smile to forget the sadness. You can listen to the music to feel relaxed. Thank you, wish you happy music