Wednesday, September 03, 2014

London bridge is not falling down

Even though how much I've missed home, but the fact that I'm leaving still saddens me a lot. I like UK alot, like really a lot, I feel like the people here are so stress free. Basically everything here made me go "awww" all the time, especially the weather here. The children here are so cute, rosey cheeks. And I can always witness love, old couples walking hand in hand still in love like they were still young. There are so many historic places and the histories are so amazing.

I wish one day I'll be able to work in London, so that I can enjoy all of these all over again, to witness and capture all these beautiful scenes. I know it's hard, but I will do whatever I can to get to work in London, the city where all the fairy tales can happen, eg. royal weddings. Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillips, Duke of Edinburgh. All these royals love story, it's like a fairy tale. Well, back to topic, London, I will see you in 5 years time. I promise.

London, see you in October 2014 and in 2020. night

Monday, September 01, 2014

haha. totally failed again. Didn't manage to keep the promise that I made to myself. "ya, bi-daily" haha. funny. Ending my summer degree program in two weeks time and I'll be travelling for a month and back to my home sweet home. Oh my, how much I've missed my friends and family back in the boleh land. All the late night yum cha session with the boys, my sista gathering, my parents' delicious food. and the pak toh dates with the boyfie. But of course, I still have to finish my ACCA. The only thing that I do not wish to face when I'm back in Malaysia. Well, life goes on, still need to face it. == Only succeed is allowed, since I have so much free time after I go back. Definitely gonna miss Sheffield, but I still want my friends and family.  Things will be so much better if I came here with my beloved CHS-ians or my da zhi fellows, wished I could travel the some part of the world together with them one day, that would be so much fun. One day, I will...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I finally understand why some people who encountered LDR eventually just couldn't make it through. Its not easy to be in a LDR regardless of the time frame. Maybe it's my problem, for being so overly attached back then, so used to being together all the time. whatever. Even without the existence of LDR my relationship with him would still be shaking as well, so now things are even worse with LDR. Seriously, screw this shit. Just want to live to the fullest during these months in UK. I can settle this shit when I'm back in Malaysia and everything will fall back into place eventually. 

It's so horrible to see all the unfortunate things are increasingly happening, war between countries, natural disaster,  accidents that are happening around the world. What has the world become? I thought we were educated to avoid war after since it is seen to be helpless but only taking innocent lives away and does no benefit either countries. Why do governments cannot sit down relax and solve the problem peacefully? War is the last thing that every human being wish to happen, but then lately, human seems to be very indulged in war, living the life of the past, those suffering moments which I clearly do not understand why. It might release your anger but then it is taking millions of innocent lives away as well. do not know what to comment about it. I just want world peace, that's all. 

Things are clearly not going very smoothly, but I do hope that it will get into the right path in every part of the world, including myself. Let's hope for the best. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hi hi!

Its D second month here in Sheffield. Starting to really miss home. All the people and delicious foods. I wonder how people who studied overseas endured everyday for years living with friends only. I really do. Guess I'm a family person after all, cause eventually no matter where you go, there is no place like home. Until the end of a day, the place you miss most is your home, family, friends.

Its endeavouring, but if I have the option to choose I rather not leave my family. Living alone, I simply cannot except for when I'm really forced to, like working overseas. But on the other hand, its a good experience to live alone. Every house chores, I have to do it myself, maybe to some people its nothing, but I don't do house chores the moment I arrive on this earth, I have a maid ever since I was born. Not I really didn't do it before (been maid for almost half a year during Form 5), its just that normally all the time, I do have a maid.

Even though I helped out alot in temple, but the feeling and experience is still different. At least I don't have to cook when I'm in Malaysia. I don't have to wash my dishes, I don't have to think of transport problem (just drive to my destination), I don't have to think about how I spend my money on groceries and therefore I can shop as frequent as I want. BUT at here is totally a different story. I need to calculate every penny of my living expenses, making sure that I don't over spend it, cause I'm not the type of richass people whereby they spend all they want and ask for more == total spoiled brat. Just an above average by the way. So, it's harder than I thought.

It really gave me a lesson, when I go back Malaysia, I will appreciate every bit of what my parents did for me. Taking into account for unseen necessary daily living expenses. It's visible but it's also invisible. Trust me, you wont understand not until you try to live alone. Maybe it's a little late for me to experience this, but better late than never. I guess that's all for today, need to get prep for class. Ciao.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

When you get older, you know who stays with you and who are the ones that meant to you.

I don't really wanna be fussy about birthday wishes and all, but when someone stand a place in your heart, you wish that they'll wish you like sincerely, from the bottom of their heart. But when they do not do so, you clearly know how much worth you are to them. No point reserving my heart to such people I guess?

At least for now, I know who really cares about me and who matters to me.


p/s: I'll blog at least bi-daily to keep memories in  UK.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hi, I'm back just for a moment.

I have forget how often I used to blog, portraying every single piece of thoughts into words. Well, guess that passion just fades as time goes by or probably I don't enjoy blogging anymore. So why am I again then?

So, I've fulfilled my dreams after 4 years, flying to UK to complete my Degree in Accounting and Finance, though I'm yet to complete my ACCA after heading back to my home country. Yes, I am now at Sheffield, UK. I've always wanted to have that kind of experience, studying abroad.

I just talk to my mum few minutes ago, she told me that my brother wished to give up on his studies, give up on ACCA and FYI he is my elder brother (I'm the youngest in my family). It sort of broke my heart because my brother's highest qualification is just a Diploma in Accounting. He couldn't complete his Advanced Diploma and so he is currently pursuing for ACCA external exam only, but he did not want to continue because he said and thought he couldn't make it to the end. Its heart broken to see him being like that, what about his future? what can he do in the future? what about his family if ever wanted one? Life is getting tougher as the inflation continues to increase, and things are getting worse when the next recession is about to explode. Mum and dad were so worried about him since he couldn't graduate from Advanced Diploma, he didn't even have a degree on hand, and now he wants to stop his studies? I just want my mum to be happy, but worrying about him does not make my parents to be completely happy, I can tell some time in the future, they will turned back and regret everything.

Why does my mum has to face all these kind of unhappy stuffs? First she had to fought cancer, then she had to face with financial problems, now my brother's future. My dad wasn't any better. All these family stress have made an influence to me as well, since young I'm bearing all these kinds of stress until today, I tell myself everyday I do not have a second chance in my life, I am not allowed to let my parents down, I am not allowed to fail in my studies at least.

And now that I'm at UK, going to Cambridge tomorrow, but I don't think I'm going to fully enjoy it because Sunway University hasn't issue my deferment letter. Another mess that I could not solve. If I don't get the letter before the semester starts, my RM3,000 that I paid previously will vanish in the thin air. Sigh, and I am now worrying about my assignment here as well. I felt so helpless and useless that I couldn't settle my stuff. I really do not wish to gain any trouble for my mum, since she is already so busy with her own work, now she has to help me settle these stuffs. I feel so sorry for my mum, I need to graduate with a first class honour. I know I can do it and I will get a first class honour degree in accounting and finance.

Saturday, February 09, 2013





Friday, February 08, 2013

周杰伦- 明明就






p/s: 把这首歌送给你,用你的立场来欣赏这首歌。我现在很幸福,你的关心,谢了。

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A brand new year. Stepping into 21

After a century since the last update, I'm back again. Well, my relationship is going on very well and in a week time to hit 2 years, time really flies. Though we've been through ups and downs, but both of us still hold on to each other because we know faith doesn't always bumped into you. So, if whenever you think you meet your mr.right, don't ever let it go due to minor arguments, cause it's hard for you to meet another one.

It's year 2013 now. and I'm turning 21 this year! FEELS SO OLD! Anyway, 2012 was good to me, but I believed 2011 was better.  2012 seemed to be a bit more boring than I expected, disappointed as well, le sigh. But I've found out something and it really surprised me. Here's what I want to share.

When you moved on your life from a sorrowful past, you really won't wanna go through it all over again. At times I would look back and wonder why would I took the steps, and remind myself to avoid it from happening again. Sometimes when you missed your golden opportunity, despite what field of opportunity, if you missed you will never get a second chance, and you wont be able to chase it back. Even you if you have the luck to hold for a second chance, but you still screwed it in the end, and you still get nothing eventually, that's the consequences.

p/s: Living in the past wont make you stronger, it only weakens you.

great day ahead =)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hmm. It's July in about a week. Haven't start studying for my finals.
Buddha. God. Allah. Whatever religion it is. Please let me get a cgpa of 4.0 this sem. I beg you!